Room Air Cooler

Personal Air Coolers are more appropriate for places with humid atmospheric conditions. They are designed to be used in small or specific areas of the room. They consume less energy and are also quieter than Desert Air Coolers. The water tank capacity ranges from 20-30 litres. However, they are capable of providing cooling for a more extended period.

Room cooler can be placed in inner areas of room.

  • Water tank capacity ranging from 20-30 litres.
  • Used for cooling of small – medium sized rooms.
  • Suitable for humid weather conditions.
  • Uses blowers for cooling.

Desert Air Coolers

Desert Air Coolers are mostly used in dry climate regions. They are designed larger than personal Air Coolers and are intended for cooling larger rooms. They use large water tanks and have bigger fans that can deliver cool air to the extreme corners of the room. Desert Air Coolers are suitable if you want to use them outdoors like on your terrace or big halls.

Desert cooler should be placed near door or window with access to outside air, to prevent your room from getting too humid.

  • Water tank capacity ranging from 30-100 litres.
  • Used for cooling of medium – large sized rooms.
  • Suitable for dry areas.
  • Features blower or fan for cooling.

To keep the cooling and working efficiency in optimum level, the cooling pads needs to be cleaned and kept unclogged under proper care.

Using water with high mineral content or hard water will slowly lead to deposition of tiny salt particles on the cooling pad and eventually reduce the working efficiency.

Types of Air Coolers

Let’s get to know the different types of air coolers. This helps you to determine what would work best for your room, your office, or your entire house.

Desert Coolers

Desert coolers are meant to cool down big areas like terrace/open spaces, restaurants, prayer/community halls and outside buildings. This type of cooler features bigger fans with powerful pumps, with a capacity of around 40 to 100 litres.

Personal Coolers

These coolers are designed smaller than the desert coolers, and they could be easily moved with the help of castor wheels. They could be taken with you and be near your bed, study/office desk or dining table. This type has a capacity of 17 to 40 litres.

Tower Coolers

These coolers are designed to be much taller and slimmer to occupy less space while still giving optimum air delivery. The tanks of this type have a capacity of 17 to 45 litres. They can also be easily maintained and cleaned.

Window Coolers

Finally, the window coolers are apparently installed in the windows. They don’t really occupy that much of space, but the cooler can have up to 50 litres as capacity. And since they are installed at a fixed space, you can’t move them around.