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Glass Top Gas Stove With Three Burner By MccoyIndia

Glass Top Gas Stove With Three Burner By MccoyIndia

Gas stoves have by far been the most revolutionizing invention for a modern kitchen. CooktopsCook tops today aren’t just gas stoves, but also centre pieces of a modular kitchen. Hence people always want to buy high quality gas stoves that are not just a utility but also an addition to their decor. If you are […]

Exclusive Room Heaters To Beat The Cold

When it’s extreme winters, wearing warm clothes is not just enough for warmth and coziness. This is the point where room heaters come in handy and people use them for making the room temperature warm. Room heaters are essential winter equipment that is often seen at residential as well as commercial places. Nowadays, there is […]

Mccoy: An All-In-One Place To Buy The Best Electric Appliances

With the festive season arriving in a blink of an eye, it’s time to go on a shopping spree, isn’t it? Indian households gracefully welcome the festival of lights by bringing in massive upgrades in their life, out of which electric appliances constitute a huge chunk, especially in modern times. Right from TVs, washing machines, […]

Buy Best and Top 10 Juicer Mixer Grinder

Buy Best and Top 10 Juicer Mixer Grinder – (

It was the early 1900s when a certain electrical engineer manufactured a small electric motor that gave the output of about 746 horsepower. This motor was small enough to be fitted inside various bigger machinery and so, everyone realised that this could be a big revolutionary invention. The practicality a small motor could give was […]


Imagine your doorbell rings, and a bunch of guests arrives at your home coming up with a never-ending list of farmaishes. Well, cooking food for all of them and ensuring that they relish the feast sounds like a herculean task indeed! Under such circumstances, a food-processor is your savior that comes to the rescue. Having […]


Cooking is not a mere necessity, it’s an intricate form of art. With passing time, the art of cooking in India has evolved beautifully into different shades and exuberant flavors. Right from the times when cooking was based on chulaahs to LPG gas stoves to induction cookers, we’ve come a pretty long way. Modern-day kitchens […]