McCoy Air Cooler – Marine 50L Remote DG


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  • The McCoy Marine 50-litres air cooler is a Desert air cooler, designed for outdoor area OR large size room completely suitable for dry climate regions.
  • This cooler has a durable Honeycomb structure for the cooling part and can work in dry climate conditions.
  • Enjoy our special features like Inverter friendly, Water level indicator, Air delivery rate of 3600 Cu.m/hr with 3 different fan speeds, Power consumption of 195 Watts only with 4 castor wheels for easy movements.
  • Double Ball Bearing for powerful air delivery and incredibly faster. It has a motorized vertical louvre movement.
  • The body of the cooler is made up of High strength engineering plastic that makesit is made of corrosion free, shockproof materials.
  • The unique Float valve mechanism keeps the machine’s cooling pads constantly soaked by water. And of course with its 50 litre water tank that should not be a problem!!
  • Furthermore, the complimentary user-friendly remote control helps you to whip this summer!

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